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Written by his father, Francisco Gomes de Amorim, this collection of memoirs reveals the life story of Tiago COBRA Amorim.

Providing a sense of the energy in which Tiago lived his life, the book encapsulates the journey of a boy navigating his way through this world - always chasing something, and always reaching beyond limitation.

Facing many challenges, Tiago would find his freedom in speed; from the land to the skies - he reached states of euphoria that most of us could only dream of.





The documentary film is a raw and true visual timeline of Tiago's life. The primary purpose is to gather as many stories and perspectives from the people who were closest to him. Through these memoirs, the world will see how Tiago overcame adversity when faced with the unlikeliest of odds. This is a true story of resilience - that demonstrates the success of an untameable man, who chose his own course through life.


Writer/director Will Amorim Masheter wants to explore his uncle’s story in the deepest way possible - in order to understand the man, and each year of his life in as much detail as can be shared.


The research that will go into the production of the Documentary will help Will to write a Feature film screenplay - being able to add to the story as much truth, and tell it to the highest level of authenticity.

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We have already shot some key pre-interviews and obtained terabytes of digital footage, and hours of home videos shot in 8mm & super 8.


We intend to complete this Documentary within an "18-month" timeframe. This schedule does not take into consideration any delays associated with procuring the film finances.

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