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Here at the cobra film project, we are a collective of family and friends that have been making films together for many years. Director Will Masheter, and production assistant Gabriela Amorim, are direct relations of Tiago. After Will translated the book - Tevin and Dragoș came on board to assist in the production. Tevin, Will & Dragoș have been producing films together from the start of their careers - with a clear roadmap for their progression through the industry. 

We pride ourselves on the family aspect of this production and understand the cooperative efforts it takes to pull a project together. Understanding the business side of a production, the collaboration & boundaries between departments - but also accepting the creative flare each person has to offer - is of the utmost importance to us.

Cobra team Will.jpg

William Amorim M.

Cobra team Dragos.jpg

Dragoș Bejanaru R.

Cobra team Gabriela.jpg

Gabriela Amorim

Cobra team Tevin.jpg

Tevin Sahota 

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