The Cobra Film Project is here to tell the story of Tiago 'COBRA' Amorim.

It all started with a 
book, written by Francisco Amorim - and later translated by Will Amorim Masheter.

We are piecing together Tiago's story into a visual timeline. In order to do this, we are selling copies of the biography, accounting donations, crowdfunding and open to sponsorship.

Documentary Film coming soon.

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We are showcasing our project which is to tell the life story of burn survivor Tiago “COBRA” Amorim. He was a living example of freedom and inspiration, confronting adversity with love.

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What to expect

  • An exclusive short cut of the COBRA documentary to give you a taste of what’s to come.

  • Guest speakers from the children’s burns trust & British Burns association.

  • ‘If not Freedom’ short film screening.

  • Networking with industry professionals, production companies and more.


Tickets are donation based and no amount is too small. As independent filmmakers, we rely on your donations to be able to deliver.

Latest News

Snippets Magazine

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   Snippets magazine is a hub for artists and creatives which features an array of content stemming from many corners of the artistic universe. Their aim is to create a community on their platform that extends the reach of different art forms.

A special edition centred around the
Cobra Film Project. Included is a timeline of the project from the book, to documentary, to film; and an exclusive interview with Will Amorim Masheter.