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How can I help?

We are offering a number of exciting perks which you can get and contribute towards the project.


The campaign has been launched on INDIGOGO and features a lot of in-depth information about the project and our ambitions for it.


We target to raise £58,000 which will be used entirely for production and to pay fair, working wages for crew. 

What Does COBRA Aim To Achieve?

COBRA's story is about overcoming adversity, showing the world a living hero who will change the narrative in mainstream movies that vilifies people with facial scarring. 

Our long-term goal has always been to write and produce a feature film about Tiago's life.

The themes of the film will spark conversations about our collective fears and what can happen if we allow these fears to shape our lives. 

What is our audience?

This will present a hero for people who have survived a life changing injury. 

Extreme sports enthusiasts are waiting for a story about someone who flew. Motorsports fans will resonate with the liberation attained through speed. And it will be an educative study of consciousness that will open the minds of all.

We look to make an impact on people’s mental strength, we truly believe we can empower  people’s attitude towards life.

Latest News

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October 2022

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He faced death so young, which pushed him to fly beyond his limitations; and those set by others.

Cobra Film Project is here to tell the story of Tiago 'COBRA' Amorim.

It all started with a 
book, written by Francisco Amorim - and later translated by Will Amorim Masheter.

We are piecing together Tiago's story into a visual timeline. In order to do this, we are selling copies of the biography, accounting donations, crowdfunding and open to sponsorship.

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For more information browse our website, check our social or contact us at

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